Celebrities Dissed Demi Lovato, Threw Shade at Singer


Whether you self-identify as a Lovatic or not, the truth of the matter is, Demi Lovato is constantly involved in some kind of drama. In fact, throughout her career, she’s managed to throw a lot of shade at other celebs, including pop stars, some of her former fellow Disney Stars, and even an ex-bae!

Of course, you can’t throw shade and expect that people won’t dish it right back, so it’s not all that surprising that a bunch of celebrities dissed the 25-year-old, too… and HARD. While some came for her talent, others opted to be more subtle by clicking that unfollow button on social media. Regardless, shade is shade and DL’s been on the receiving end quite a few times. Ready to find out who dissed the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer? Click through the gallery to find out!

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