Celebrities Who Left Big Tips, Most Generous Celebs

It’s pretty much an unspoken rule in America that excellent customer service calls for a nice tip. Naturally, this means that some lucky servers have the opportunity to give the best service to some of the most giving stars who are more than willing to share a little bit of their wealth. So today we are bringing you 15 celebrities who have left HUGE tips for their servers.

Kicking off the list is a star who is known for her sharp wits and great taste in food, Chrissy Teigen. When this supermodel slash mom entrepreneur recently had a meal at Outback Steakhouse, her bill reportedly rang up to $193.81. BUT, it was what Chrissy did after she signed her receipt that made us just love her even more:

Although Chrissy left the tip for her server, the worker shared the lovely tip with her co-workers and revealed that she plans on using the rest to get her car repaired. Maybe Chrissy had the best surf-and-turf dinner of her lifetime? Or maybe she just really liked the service? Either way, we think it’s safe to say that Chrissy has a big ol’ heart.

However, Chrissy isn’t the only one who likes to give away a thousand dollars in tips. When Amy Schumer went to watch Hamilton on Broadway, she left her bartender with a $1,000 tip attached to her $77 bill. Needless to say, the bartender was in awe at the generous tip.

The thankful bunch of bartenders shared their love for Amy on Twitter by posing with the receipt and writing, “From the bartenders at Hamilton, thank you, Amy Schumer, for making our night!”

When asked to comment on her sweet deed, Amy simply wrote, “lots of love to my fellow bartenders and artists. I’m grateful to them and the cast and crew for another great night.”

Surely, some of these celebrities leaving a massive amount of tips is surprising, but Johnny Depp, on the other hand, is notoriously known for his tipping ways. Back in 2009, when Johnny requested a private room for his party at a Chicago steakhouse, he apparently left a hefty tip of $4,000 after the dinner. One can only assume after Johnny’s giving reputation that any restaurant would be more than happy to serve him and his party.

Speaking of reputation, Taylor Swift has a famed rep for being generous to her fans. We really can’t forget about the time T.Swift just randomly handed one of her fans roughly $90 in cash when they mentioned that they were heading to Chipotle for a meal! Not only is she extremely giving to her fans who are in need of a burrito bowl, but back in 2013, Taylor apparently gave $500 and two tickets to her concert as a tip after a meal at a restaurant in Philadelphia. Not all great tips come in the form of cash, people!

Anyway, while we are on the topic of overly kind singers, we can’t leave out the time Jay Z left a $50k tip at a Miami club in 2011. Although that number might sound like a jaw-dropping amount to drop, Jay was celebrating the release of his album that he worked on with Kanye West, Watch the Throne. That same night, he also spent $250k on champagne — and the cash train didn’t stop there! It was said that Jay went on to pay for some pasta and tequila after that hefty transaction.

Still, not all of these tips are grand in the amount, but rather grand in gesture and heart. Back in 2011, when Jessica Simpson had a dinner of veal parmigiana accompanied by fried Oreos and a scotch on the rocks in New York, she left a special note behind. Jess left a $300 tip on her $500 bill and left a heartfelt note to her waitress, reading, “You were amazing and you make this world a better place. Love, Jess.” How sweet!

Next on the list is another singer who is often making headlines for his controversial behaviors and his on-again, off-again relationship. Back in 2011, when Justin Bieber visited IHOP with then-on-girlfriend Selena Gomez to get his fix of some breakfast foods, he did something wildly unexpected. When the two were leaving, they wished the IHOP employees a happy Thanksgiving and left a staggering 200% tip on those waffles, bacon and eggs. We can only imagine how the staff must have felt after receiving this crazy amount in tips from Jelena.

Moving on from one Canadian star to another, next on our list is Jim Carrey. Although recently Jim has been getting caught up in the media for giving rather eccentric interview responses, in the spring of 2016, Jim was caught in a random act of kindness. When he visited New York City and spent $151 on lemon chicken, quinoa, sparkling water and wine, he also left $225 in tip alongside his check. After hearing these stories, being a server in New York is starting to sound like a solid career choice.

But, in case anyone else in, well, the other states in the U.S. is feeling left out, NYC isn’t the only city getting hefty tips from celebs. When Rihanna visited a bar in Austin, Texas in May 2016, she reportedly stayed until closing time while enjoying her Coke and Jameson. When she was finished, she added a $200 tip to her $82 bill. Wouldn’t it be an amazing life experience of its own if you can say you received a $200 tip from Rihanna herself? That is a wild, wild thought.

Moving on to another obviously generous celebrity, Ellen DeGeneres, who also makes this list for having a very, very giving heart. With a last name like DeGeneres, she is one of the most notable celebrities who is famous for giving back, so it was no surprise when she ordered pizzas for everyone during the 2014 Oscars. However, after the awards show was over, Ellen remembered that she forgot to tip the restaurant, so she invited Edgar, the guy who delivered the pizza, on her show for this very special tip:

All of which was a happy tale for the mom & pop pizza shop, making its pizza sales go through the roof.

While we are going down the list of heaven-sent celebs, Brad Pitt is also an infamously amiable star who loves to tip heavily. Which is why when Brad and Angelina Jolie had what is to be assumed some great sushi in Berlin, Brad reportedly left $800 for his server. He also apparently thanked the crew and staff for an excellent service. This sounds like such a strange occasion because who goes to Berlin for sushi? Let alone witness Brangelina giving $800 in tips over a Japanese meal?!

Next on our list is David Beckham, who typically seems to exude a kind demeanor to those around him. Matter of fact, when he took out a few of his teammates for a couple of beers and appetizers, his bill rang up to $100. Then David gave the waitress a tip of $1,000. According to the waitress, he even signed autographs and hugged everyone! We suppose being a kind and giving soul is a just a part of who he is.

Speaking of generous British stars, Naomi Campbell also left a historical amount in tips in the past. When she and her friend, Cameron Diaz, went out for dinner in London and hit the bar for drinks after, Naomi reportedly left a $9,200 tip. If you are questioning what you are hearing, you probably heard right — a whopping $9,200 in tips! And it left the waitress speechless. What is there to say after being tipped $9k by one of the world’s most famous supermodels?

Surely, some stars surprise us with their generosity, but a star like Paris Hilton seems to unsurprisingly share her wealth. When Paris went out with some friends to party at a nightclub in New York back in 2014, she nearly spent $200,000 on alcohol alone. The massive bill was accompanied by a generous $47,000 in tip. Nothing less would be expected from Paris, an icon of the early 2000s, who once happily spent $13,000 on a custom dog house.

Last, but definitely the most impressive, was the time President Barack Obama double tipped. Back in 2013, when he visited a deli to grab a grilled cheese and to buy lunch for his party of nine, his bill returned with 20% gratuity already added to the bill, totaling the bill at $106.48. But Obama added an extra $30 on top of the already existing tip, rounding the bill up to $136.48. Although it might not be the heftiest tip on our list, it is definitely the most heartwarming to know the former president appreciated the deli’s service.

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