'Celebrity Big Brother' Builds Border Wall

Reality TV and a border wall??? This has Donald Trump written all over it. 

“Celebrity Big Brother” over in the UK dressed contestants as border patrol agents and had them build a wall … then they tried to stop intruders from getting their hands on a green card.

Trump even made an appearance … sort of.

Someone on the production team dressed up as Trump … then hopped over the wall and snagged a green card before the housemates shut him down.

The makeshift border wall split the house in two … and everyone seemed to have their fun at Trump’s expense.

The wall featured a striking image of the American flag … and at least one contestant was NOT DOWN with the segment.

Trump wasn’t the only political figure to be lampooned … there were also impostors of Melania Trump and Queen Elizabeth. Trump is hated by many in England for a variety of reasons.

No word on if this version of the wall matches Trump’s prototypes.

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