Celebrity Fake Tan Fails, Bad Spray Tans, Beauty Fails


As crazy as it seems, summer is right around the corner. All we can think about is laying out on the beach, eating ice cream and staying out entirely too late. One of the best parts about the season is finally getting some color back on our skin, but wearing SPF is always a must, no matter how tan you’re trying to get.

One way to get the appearance of spending the day basking in the sun without actually doing it and damaging your skin is by using self-tanners. We love looking bronze and beautiful, but getting the perfect fake tan isn’t always as easy as it looks. In fact, some of the biggest celebrities have suffered from spray-tan fails…and they usually happen on the red carpet!

From going so dark that they were accused of black face to having streaks everywhere, even stars can get it wrong sometimes. We rounded up some of the most tragic celebrity fake tans to make you feel better about your own.

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