Charlie Rose Accused of Harassment by 27 More Women: Report

Twenty-seven additional women have accused Charlie Rose of sexual harassment six months after allegations about the veteran journalist first surfaced.

A new report by The Washington Post details the women’s experiences being allegedly harassed by Rose, 76, while working with him at CBS News and other shows. His behavior allegedly dates back to 1976 and was first reported to managers as early as 1986.

A former research assistant who worked with Rose at NBC News in Washington, Joana Matthias, claimed the former talk show host showed her his penis and touched her breasts in 1976. “This other personality would come through, and the groping would happen,” she told the Post.

At CBS News, a former news clerk, Annmarie Parr, said Rose inappropriately asked her, “Annmarie, do you like sex? Do you enjoy it? How often do you like to have sex?”

Rose’s misconduct allegedly extended to his self-titled PBS show. A former intern, who was 20 years old at the time, claims the former CBS This Morning cohost told her, “I want you to ride me,” in addition to groping her during a trip to California for a 60 Minutes II assignment.

Other allegations from the Post report, which were published on Thursday, May 3, include Rose making lewd comments and groping women during his time at PBS, NBC News, CBS News and CBS This Morning.

Rose sent a brief response to the Post via email: “Your story is unfair and inaccurate.”

NBC News declined to comment. Although CBS News claimed to not have any human resources complaints about Rose, the network issued a statement assuring the Post they are working toward a safer work environment.

Rose was previously accused of sexual harassment by eight women in a Washington Post report in November 2017. His PBS show was canceled and he was fired from CBS as a result.

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