Charlize Theron & Alexander Skarsgard Reportedly Dating 6 Yrs. After Split: They’re ‘Keeping It Private’

Charlize Theron and Alexander Skarsgard are reportedly giving love a second chance! Six years after first falling for each other, the co-stars have reportedly caught the love bug again!

Hot couple alert! Six years after their short-lived relationship fizzled, Charlize Theron, 42, and Alexander Skarsgard, 41, are reportedly giving dating another shot! The two actors are currently co-stars in the new Seth Rogen comedy Flarsky, and all that time together has apparently made them realize they’re totally mad about each other! While their 2012 romance was just a fling — they were spotted making out in public and apparently ended things after a few dates, a source tells Life & Style that this is the real deal.

The actors have reportedly been “flirting on set and hooking up,” the source said, but they’re “keeping it as private as they can” for the moment. “Alexander has never been interested in playing the Hollywood game and neither has Charlize. They’re not your usual celebrities in any way.” Their attraction is apparently hard to hide from everyone, though, because they’re so deeply smitten and have realized what drew them together all those years ago.

Says the source: “They’re both straight shooters. Charlize cusses and has a wicked sense of humor, which he loves. Alexander is a serious guy, a deep thinker, and she loves that. He’s well-read, loves the classics and is a movie buff just like her.” We’re totally into this pairing! They’re really taking this seriously, too. Charlize has even reportedly introduced him to her two young sons, Jackson, 6, and August, 2! That’s a huge step!

Despite being “skittish about becoming serious with anyone,” Charlize is apparently the one who made the first move. “Charlize is a woman who knows what she wants and just goes for it. She did it with Alexander back then, and she’s done it again.” Get it, girl!

HollywoodLife has reached out to Charlize and Alexander’s reps for comment on this report.

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