Chelsea Houska Displays Baby Bump as Shirtless Cole DeBoer Bestows a Christmas Kiss

Just because Chelsea Houska quit Teen Mom doesn’t mean that fans have quit following her.

In her new Christmas photo with Cole, the couple are dazzling — and maybe thirst trapping — fans in the sweetest way.

“Merry Christmas from the DeBoers!” Cole captioned this festive photo.

He is shown cradling Chelsea’s baby bump as the family wears more-or-less matching pajamas.

“Love this family full of chaos more than anything in the world,” Cole gushed.

“Can’t wait for our new addition to join the madness,” Cole raved.

He then tagged Chelsea, alongside a string of festive emojis.

“Hope you all have a healthy and happy holiday,” Cole expressed to his followers.

“By the way,” Cole wrote in conclusion, as if it were just an afterthought, “my pajama set didn’t come with a shirt.”

That is why Cole appears shirtless in the photo … but we have a sneaking suspicion that fans don’t mind.

A lot of Chelsea’s fans don’t have to guess what she sees in Cole, and they do not mind seeing his “qualities” advertised to them on social media.

In August, Chelsea revealed that she and Cole are expecting her fourth child.

Chelsea shares her 10-year-old daughter, Aubree, with her ex, the infamous Adam Lind.

With Cole, she shares son Watson, who is three years old, and daughter Layne, who is one year old.

Now, they are expecting a new daughter.

Baby #4 is due some time in early 2021.

Let us hope that this child is born into a year a million times better than the one in which she was conceived.

In early December, Chelsea shared an update with fans.

She admitted that this is one of her most “emotional” pregnancies.

Part of that stems from the realization that this may be the last time that she experiences pregnancy — something that shocks her anew with every preparatory purchase.

“Everything I buy I’m like ‘Oh my gosh what if this really IS the last time buying tiny little newborn items,” Chelsea wrote in reflection.

With that in mind, she shared, she is trying to saturate herself in her pregnancy experiences and commit it all to memory.

Chelsea has also been keeping fans updated on her journey as she prepares to bring a new DeBoer into the world.

It’s no surprise that Chelsea is continuing to showcase her pregnancy journey.

Yes, she announced in November that she is quitting Teen Mom — after 11 years and 10 seasons.

The show was a huge chunk of her life, but she knows that the way forward will also include sharing aspects of herself with fans and followers.

Chelsea and Cole intend to work upon growing their brand and keeping fans up to speed on their lives together and of course their family.

Quitting a successful run on reality television can be difficult, even if Chelsea’s life was relatively “boring” compared to some of her castmates.

If making good life choices and having a stable and loving environment for your children isn’t as juicy as the trainwrecks that many of her castmates are living through … well, that’s no great loss.

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