Chicago West & True Thompson: The Kardashian Babies’ Cutest Selfies To Date

The Kardashian sisters are literal perfection, so it totally makes sense that their kids are too! Want proof? Check out the cutest selfies of Chicago and True, here!

Who’s cuter, True Thompson or Chicago West? We’re totally kidding — we know that question is impossible to answer! These two Kardashian kids are just a few months apart, and we’re sure they’re going to be BFFs for life just like their mamas! Both Khloe Kardashian, 34, and Kim Kardashian, 37, are snapping pics left and right of their cute babies, and we can’t get enough of their sweet faces! Let’s take a look at all their cute baby selfies to date!

It seems like Khloe has been snapping pics of her little angel since the day she was born. We totally get it — with that face, how can you not? Khloe loves taking pics with her babe and also up close and personal ones with True, too! Khloe has been taking to social media and posted some pics of baby True with some amazing Snapchat filters on her! She used the flower filter so True was pictured with a flower in her hair and some cute freckles on her face — adorable! She also took a super adorable pic of True getting a bath with all smiles on her face. We can’t wait to see what a cute little girl True turns into, we hope Khloe will keep snapping pics so we can watch her grow!

Kim has just recently started sharing more pics of Chi and we’re so grateful! The first reveal of baby Chicago was a few months after her birth in sister Kylie Jenner‘s birth reveal video and it was precious. Kim took some cute pics of Chicago babbling to the camera with a huge smile on her face and we don’t think we’ve seen anything cuter to be honest. Chicago looks like a super happy baby and is always very giggly for the camera.

To see more pics of True and Chicago’s selfies so far, click through our gallery above!

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