Chrissy Teigen’s headbands aren’t cheap

Chrissy Teigen‘s headband collection is so good, John Legend wrote a song about it.

While vacationing with her family in Bali over the past two weeks, the 32-year-old model and social media star has taken to sharing her daily choice of hair accessory with her nearly 20 million Instagram followers, in a new series dubbed “Headband of the Day.”

But lest you think Teigen is picking up her bands in bulk from the hotel gift shop, guess again: The star has already spotlighted more than 10 wrapped-and-tied styles totaling nearly $4,000, from a black floral piece by Jennifer Behr to a metallic knit turban from Gucci.

The Instagram series even has its own theme song, sung by Teigen’s husband Legend. “Headband of the day, it’s the headband of the day / Push your locks away, it’s the headband of the day,” the musician, 39, croons at the start of each clip.

And while some followers suspected Teigen’s headband videos might be sponsored, the star was quick to shut down the idea. “Not an ad!” she tweeted last Wednesday. “All my own headbands I’ve collected through the years. I just always want to wear headbands to events and no one ever lets me so I am FREE now to do ALL THE HEADBANDS I WANT.”

There you have it: Chrissy Teigen just wants to headband in peace.

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