Christina Aguilera Vs. Kim Kardashian: Which Hot Mom Rocks Thigh-High Boots Better?

Which gorgeous celeb mama knows how to turn up the heat in sexy thigh-high boots: Kim Kardashian or Christina Aguilera?! See the pics right here and decide for yourself!

Let’s admit it, when it comes to nearly every daring fashion trend out there Kim Kardashian, 37, tends to be the reigning queen, right!? If she adopts it, no one else can compete! Game over. Thanks for playing. However, there’s a few looks that she hasn’t mastered quite yet. Recently, Christina Aguilera, 37, took to Instagram to rock some sizzling thigh-high boots and blonde braids, which got us wondering: which famous mom truly owns this look!?

The clear answer is Kimmie, right? With her incredible booty, she truly knows how to make thigh-high boots look just right on her curvaceous frame! Plus, Kanye West‘s better half has a knack for incorporating just the right amount of leather into her ensembles to make us look. And that definitely includes the right pair of thigh-highs!

However, let’s not count out Xtina! Sure, she hasn’t been in the spotlight nearly as much as Kim in the last decade but the songstress is making a serious comeback and her sizzling looks are a big part of that! And with these black leather thigh-highs and platinum braids she isn’t just giving us serious Kylie Jenner vibes, she’s also proving that stepping out of the spotlight doesn’t mean she has nothing to offer! Because we are definitely realizing that we’ve missed her incredible style!

So, when it comes to stunning topless mirror selfies, wearing undergarments in public and making jaws drop in skimpy tube tops, Kim definitely takes the cake! But we tend to think that Christina’s got this thigh-high look locked down! Until the next time a fellow celeb challenges Kim’s stylish prowess on the ‘gram!

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