Ciara & Russell Wilson Fans Flip Over Future Dropping Album On Their Anniversary

Future may have been throwing shade at his ex Ciara & Russell Wilson by releasing ‘Beastmode 2’ on their wedding anniversary! Here’s how her fans are reacting!

So, Future surprised us all and just dropped Beastmode 2 on Jul. 6… which also happens to be his ex Ciara‘s second wedding anniversary to Russell Wilson. Coincidence? Well, fans certainly don’t think so. One Ciara fan tweeted, “Future seeing Ciara fall in love wit a King in front of him is killing him…. idc what nobody say…” Another commented on how dropping an album on your ex’s anniversary is not something a rapper wanting to be the greatest of all-time would do: “Why y’all praising future for dropping on Russ and Ciara anniversary when he still bitter and single? How is that goat behavior? 😂”. And from there, fans got even more angrier over Future’s alleged stunt.

When it comes down to it, one fan thinks that Future is still pining over Ciara, hence his releasing Beastmode 2 on such a significant date: “When we gonna discuss how much Future missed Ciara? Or we gone act like him dropping on her anniversary just some fly shit lmao” Another agreed, tweeting, “Future dropping this on their anniversary just shows how pressed he is about Ciara and Russell.”

Another fan believes that Ciara would be completely unshaken by all of this drama. “These mfs acting like Ciara care about Future dropped on the same day as her anniversary when she clearly don’t Lol. She’s enjoying life with her husband Russell Wilson and her kids plus focusing on her album. #shesgood”. Check out more of Twitter’s reaction to this below!

We’ll keep you posted on whether or not Future admits the album’s release date was purposeful or just a coincidence. In the meantime, happy anniversary, you two!

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