Clip surfaces of Sharon Osbourne saying Meghan Markle doesn’t ‘look Black’

The longer Sharon Osbourne stays on her “I’m the victim not a racist” world tour, the more receipts come out on how vile and racist she actually is. Sharon has deployed textbook white fragility and gaslighting. Instead of taking time for self reflection she has doubled down on her claims that she was set up by CBS. We’ve heard that she has used racist and homophobic slurs for her co-hosts and probably got Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini fired. HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali is pulling out all of the receipts on Sharon. Yashar posted a clip from an episode ofThe Talk in 2018, in which Sharon says that Meghan Markle isn’t black (clip provided below). Below are a few excerpts from HuffPost:

Journalist Yashar Ali, who published a report on allegations surrounding Osbourne’s conduct toward her past co-hosts on Tuesday, also posted a Twitter thread on Saturday that included an old clip of Osbourne talking about the Duchess of Sussex on “The Talk.”

In the clip, which was reportedly filmed in 2018, co-host Sheryl Underwood can be heard saying Meghan brought “Blackness to the royal family,” to which Osbourne replies: “She ain’t Black.”

After Underwood and Eve quickly responded to Osbourne, correcting her that the duchess is a Black biracial woman whose mother is Black (Meghan’s father is white), Osbourne doubled down on her remark and fired back at her Black co-hosts.

“Yeah, no, I know, but she doesn’t look Black,” she said.

“To who?” Eve and Underwood questioned in unison.

“To anybody,” Osbourne can be heard responding amid chatter.

Eve then pointed out that “Black people come in all shades” before she ended the discussion. The former co-host conveyed that such a complex conversation surrounding skin complexions and Blackness deserved to be handled differently.

“That’s a whole discussion we don’t need to have,” Eve said.

A representative of CBS did not immediately return a request for comment on the resurfaced clip.

[From HuffPost]

I don’t have time for Sharon’s tears. At this point I need Sharon to prepare to not have a job after this hiatus. If I were her, if she wants to salvage her career in any way, I would go quietly into the night. Because the more Sharon doubles down, the more receipts will surface. Yashar Ali posted another damning clip of Sharon calling Leah Remini ghetto on the show, despite Sharon refuting Holly Robinson Peete’s claims by denying ever using the word “ghetto.” The other egregious thing for me is how racists like Sharon, Piers and internet trolls keep denying Meghan’s Black heritage in order to shield themselves from being accused of racism. “Meghan’s not Black,” and “Meghan doesn’t look Black,” doesn’t negate that she is. This attempt at plausible deniability does not work, since Meghan is very clear about who she is and has never denied her Black heritage. The other thing that I have enjoyed this week is Elaine Welteroth clapback against Sharon and Kevin Frazier for using her name to drum up sympathy while trying to bully her with bible verses (see below). Elaine ain’t having it and neither is Sheryl.

Sharon needs to face the fact that she was defending her dear friend Piers because she and Piers share similar values. They both are racist bullies who have been given carte blanche by their respective networks to behave in such vile ways for ratings. Due to social backlash against casual and overt racism, Sharon and Piers are no longer palatable. Fortunately, entitled people like Sharon are unable to read the room in the year of our lord Meghan Markle 2021, and Sharon thought that she would get a pass on her abhorrent behavior. Good luck to her (not really). Hopefully, Sharon has learned something from this situation. But my gut tells me that Sharon will continue to play the victim and never do enough self-reflection to shift her behavior.

When told by her co-hosts that Meghan Markle is indeed Black (her mother is Black), Sharon says "Yeah, I know…but she doesn't look Black."

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) March 14, 2021

Amanda Seales even came for Kevin and Sharon:

— chris evans (@chris_notcapn) March 17, 2021

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