Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra SEPARATED: Debbie is Killing Our Marriage!

Before the 90 Day: The Single Life Season 2 Tell All aired, the world already knew about the conflict between mother and son.

With plans in the works to move out, Colt and Vanessa were looking for their own place, with Debbie hunting for her own.

Only on the Tell All stage did Colt lay into Debbie and reduce his mother to tears over her “interference” in his marriage.

Vanessa revealed that she and Colt are separated, laying the blame at the feet of mother-in-law Debbie.

As we reported earlier in the week, Debbie’s lack of independence had reached a breaking point for her son.

Nearly 40 years old and married, he was tired of his mother — good intentions or not — monopolizing his time and energy.

There’s an online saying that people who live with their parents pay “rent” in the form of mental and emotional health, and Colt wanted some self-care.

“I’m upset that you just can’t do anything by yourself,” he lamented to Debbie on the Tell All stage.

“I’m the first person, the first call, the first everything with you,” he expresed to his 70-year-old mother.

“You’ve raised me to be just a subservient person to you,” Colt accused, asking why she would do this.

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra compliment "MILF" Debbie

“I shouldn’t be bothered with your life,” Colt told Debbie.

“This is your life,” he affirmed. “It’s not my responsibility.”

Feeling hurt and embarrassed, Debbie pleaded with him to stop, citing that he had promised that he wouldn’t do this.

When Colt did not stop putting his mother on blast, she got up and stormed off.

She expressed a desire for Colt and Vanessa to move far, far away.

While Debbie cooled off backstage, Shaun asked Colt and Vanessa where things stand for them.

“Do you want to tell them?” Colt asked his wife.

This is when Vanessa revealed: “I moved out.”

“We’re separated,” Colt confirmed, sharing that Vanessa had moved out three weeks earlier.

Vanessa did not hold back as she explained exactly she had to find a new living space.

Simply put, she was “tired of being under” her mother-in-law’s roof.

She and Colt have shared space with her mother-in-law since they married.

Vanessa cited that Debbie constantly turning to Colt was about more than just overall dependency — it was also annoying.

“‘Hey Colt,’ ‘hey colt,'” Vanessa quoted, noting a phrase that we have all heard many times from Debbie.

According to her, even keeping their bedroom door closed does not prevent the nonstop interruptions.

What’s interesting about this unhappy news is that Vanessa was the (one) woman who received Debbie’s approval.

Debbie cried just minutes after meeting Larissa Lima, Colt’s ex-wife.

She went further with Jess Caroline, actively letting things “slip” in front of Jess to cause problems on purpose during the trip to Brazil.

There is something both loving and toxic about Colt’s relationship with Debbie.

She’s not a pathological narcissist like Betty Gibbs, but she and Colt have an intense emotional attachment that has held them both back.

Sometimes, the bonds that we forge to heal prevent us from moving forward in life. Not every coping mechanism should go on for life.

For what it’s worth, Vanessa did affirm that she will move back home if Debbie is gone.

Debbie has made plans to move out, to move in with a friend of hers.

While Colt initially gave her too short notice to find a place, it’s clear that there were emotional hangups that also delayed her move.

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