Counting On: Josiah Duggar Proposes to Lauren Swanson!

In real time, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson have been married for a couple of months. Lauren posted a tribute to Josiah on social media very recently.

On Monday night’s episode of Counting On, however, fans got to see not only their proposal, but the excitement that led up to it.

Josiah could not stop gushing about Lauren. But how did she feel about how it all went down?

On Counting On, Josiah admitted that their courtship was brief. Many fans thought that it was shockingly brief, and wonder if his speedy engagement was the result of breaking Jim Bob’s courtship rules.

“Lauren and I have been courting for a couple months and the courtship is going really well,” Josiah said on Monday night’s episode.

He reflected: “It seems like every day, I’m learning something new about Lauren.”

That can continue to be true for years into a relationship — but, of course, for the Duggars, a relationship lasting that long means marriage and children.

Josiah spoke directly to Lauren, saying: “I’m never going to figure you out. There’s always something to learn about you.”

Lauren was equally happy to gush about Josiah.

“We’ve just become best friends,” Lauren said. “It’s very special.”

“I can be a more serious person,” Lauren admitted. “So Josiah complements me–“

Josiah chimed in: “By livening it up a little bit.”

Nobody does fun and carefree like a Duggar child, right?

Lauren isn’t the only one who’s a big fan of Josiah — it sounds like he’s a real hit with the Swanson family.

“I think Josiah is a great match for Lauren,” Lauren’s mom announced.

Mama Swanson continued to heap praise on him, saying: “He’s so thoughtful and kind.”

Clearly, he’s the sort of man she’d like for a son-in-law.

Lauren’s mom concluded: “I just think he’s wonderful.”

Again, the relative brevity of their courtship came up.

“I’ve only been courting Lauren for just a couple months,” Josiah acknowledged.

Well, fans know it and they know it, too. Most people who get engaged after a short time have prior dating experience.

Josiah and Lauren, in contrast, aren’t allowed to actually date. But Josiah did remind fans that they at least know each other.

“We’ve been really good friends over the years,” Josiah said. “But this is definitely the time and she’s definitely the one.”

Lauren revealed that she already felt so attached to him: “If I’m away from Josiah for a day, it feels like forever.”

Josiah got some help from Lauren’s family when it came to picking out a spot for his proposal.

“She’s grown up riding horses in this field and just spending a lot of time out there,” Josiah shared with viewers.

“And,” Josiah added. “Its actually where Mr. and Mrs. Swason got engaged.”

Sounding both nervous and excited, he said: “I just want to make sure it’s special for her.”

That is a very healthy concern.

After he got down on one knee and proposed beside rolls of hay, Lauren admitted that she had been surprised.

“I did not see this coming,” Lauren claimed. “I was very surprised.”

But she said yes and they were courting, so it sounds like she was at least open to the possibility that this would happen.

“I’m still in shock,” Lauren said. “It doesn’t seem real.”

It is real, and the two of them are married. The only question that remains is how long until Lauren Swanson is pregnant?

Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson Relive Their Whirlwind Courtship on Counting On!

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