Cringe! 14 of the most painfully awkward Love Island 2018 moments so far

Let’s face it, Love Island is always awkward! Every year the show gives us drama and cringe-worthy scenes that make the group chat go off.

Obviously, this year has been no exception and the show isn’t even over yet. So here are some of the most shocking moments so far…

1. Laura trading in Alex for Wes

All the way back in episode one, the girls lined up and stepped forward for the boys they liked as they made their way in one by one. When Dr. Alex George walked into the villa, none of the girls put themselves out there, so he chose Laura Anderson.

Unfortunately, Wes Nelson then walked in with his mega six pack and cheeky smile – and Laura was quick to step forward, abandoning poor Alex and leaving him on the ‘subs bench’. Oh dear…

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2. Georgia getting excited over Kendall being sent home

Remember the episode where dumped Islander Adam Collard had to pick between Rosie Williams and Kendall Rae-Knight? When he decided to dump Kendall, Georgia Steel then jumped up in joy that her mate Rosie was saved. Luckily, Niall Aslam managed to grab her just in time before running to Rosie.

3. Hayley swerving Alex’s kiss

In episode 2, the Islanders played a game called Excess Baggage in which they got told a secret about a member of the opposite sex and had to kiss the Islander they thought it was about. Alex got asked, ‘which girl has only ever slept with one person’ and he chose Hayley Hughes. Unfortunately, it ended like this…

4. Rosie confronting Adam in front of everyone

In episode 8, Poor Rosie decided she’d had enough of Adam’s snakey behavior – y’know after he brutally dumped her for new girl Zara McDermott – and confronted him. It just so happened to be in front of everyone in the villa. Grab the poporn, guys!

5. Sam saying he’s going to teach Adam how to treat a girl right

When introducing himself, new boy Sam Bird spoke the words on the whole nation’s lips when he told the Islanders that he planned to show Adam how to treat a girl right. YAS, Sam!

6. Adams bad make up on Rosie and perfect on Zara

In a challenge called ‘girls night in’, the boys had to apply makeup to the girls while they were blind folded. But while Adam was trying to crack on with Zara, he had to complete the challenge with his former partner Rosie as well.

And he wasn’t very subtle about his feelings, as when applying Rosie’s makeup Adam made a right mess of it, yet when it came to doing Zara’s he made her look pretty great.

7. Islanders watching Alex and Ellie

After he was rejected by Megan Hanson Barton, Alex tried his luck with new girl Ellie Brown – but not without the help of best mates Jack, Dani, Adam and Zara. Yup, they decided to give the doctor a hand when it came to making a move, but as he lent in for a kiss the others watched intensely and applauded. Cringe!

8. Megan kissing Wes in the ‘snog, marry, kiss game’

In episode 20, Megan shook up the whole villa when she decided to ditch Eyal Booker and make a bee-line for Wes while he was still coupled up with Laura. Things got even more awkward when they both kissed each other during a game of ‘snog, marry, kiss’. Poor, Laura!

9. Jack’s ex turning up

When arriving at Casa Amor, the boys were welcomed by a whole new batch of girls, one of which was Jacks ex Ellie Jones… Omg, omg, omg.

10. Wes entering the villa single

Before the boys went off to Casa Amor, Wes finished his three-week relationship with Laura, for Megan.

But after staying faithful to her in hope that she did the same, Wes strolled into the villa single to find Megan cosied up with new boy Alex.

11. Georgia staying loyal to Josh

In the most dramatic recoupling we’ve ever witnessed, Georgia watched on in shock as her former beau Josh Denzel walked into the villa with new girl Kaz Crossley on his arm. And it was totally heartbreaking…

Words by Maisey Gosnell and India Rich.

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