Dan Crenshaw Used His Victory Speech To Poke Back At Pete Davidson

During this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson joked that Texas congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw looks like a hitman in a porno. It didn’t go over well, because Dan lost his eye during an attack in Afghanistan. Dan said at the time that Pete shouldn’t apologize because he’s tired of everybody getting outraged over everything, but that SNL should recognize that war wounds shouldn’t be used for bad jokes. Dan said more about it last night.

Deadline says that after winning his spot in Texas’s 2nd Congressional district, Dan stated he’d like to get back to a time where comedy and politics didn’t mix.

“It’s been an interesting last 72 hours.” When asked if he is offended, he said, “Well, I’m from the SEAL Teams, we don’t really get offended. But we also like it when comedians are actually funny. Let’s get back to being funny.”

“This election, the next couple of years, and hopefully, the next 50 to 100 years, are going to be about understanding what we all believe in together, understanding the foundational values that keep us together, and that used to be comedy and sports. Let’s separate politics from these things, let’s enjoy life together as Americans, man, that’s what I’d like to get back to.”

Dan also thanked his friend John Noonan, who convinced him to run in the first place. Dan added that John was pissed after the whole SNL thing, because he ended up with more Twitter followers than John. Don’t worry John, I’m sure you’ll catch up just as soon as Pete Davidson realizes your first name is a euphemism for a toilet, and that last name sounds like “nooner.

If Dan wants to get back to that good ol’ American way of comedy and sports without politics, he’s going to have to wait a bit too. Because it sounds like SNL is trying to figure out a way to address the controversy from last week’s episode. Kenan Thompson, who picked the wrong week to promote The Grinch, appeared on The View this morning and was asked about Pete’s joke. Kenan reminded everyone that his father was a veteran, and that he wouldn’t have gone there. But he said that Pete’s a good kid who understands tragedy (his father was FDNY who died on 9/11). Kenan added that he’s “pretty sure” SNL is working on a way to right that wrong.

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