Dan Walker reacts to BBC Breakfast interview misunderstanding ‘I could’ve made it clearer’

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Dan Walker, 43, responded to one of his 668,400 followers after they posted a hilarious interaction between the star and a nurse, after a misunderstanding on BBC Breakfast. The TV host laughed off the error and admitted that he should have made himself “clearer” on what he was trying to say.

Did you get a response?


The fan initially tweeted: “A nurse saved a passenger aboard a flight by administering CPR is on BBC with @mrdanwalker:

“Dan: … and did you get a response?

“Nurse: ummm well I wasn’t doing it for a round of applause, no. 

“Dan: no no! I meant from the patient! 

“Great story, great interview, heart-warming,” they added in the upload.

Dan had been speaking to Warwick hospital nurse Isobel Corrie when the incident occurred.

He responded to the user: “I think I could have made it clearer 

“Lovely to talk to @izzycorrie on #BBCBreakfast

“What a superstar #NurseOfTheYear.”

The BBC star has previously spoken of his sister who works as a nurse, when the subject of NHS staff pay arose on social media.

Dan was challenged online by a fan over the BBC’s supposed bias against nurses receiving a pay rise, after the presenter described the government’s commitment to increase “nurses training by 25 per cent”.

On Twitter, Dan challenged the subject, typing: “I have a sister who works as a nurse and hasn’t had a pay rise for a decade.

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“We try and ask the relevant questions at the right time, but we don’t always get it right.

“There is no bias.”

The presenter first began his career on BBC Breakfast after Bill Turnbull announced he was leaving the show.

His co-host is Louise Minchin, and he recently returned to the show after a short summer break with his family.

The father-of-three uploaded a photo of himself with Louise on his Instagram.

They both appeared smartly dressed as they looked away from each other while in the BBC studio on a previous occasion.

Dan said he was looking forward to returning to work, as he empathised with students who had received their A levels recently.

He wrote: “Looking forward to being back on the big red #BBCBreakfast sofa in the morning alongside @louiseminchin. I know it’s been an anxious weekend for many students & we’ll have plenty on the ongoing exam results situation.” 

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