David Bowie's son finds his scarf from The Snowman in storage nearly 40 years on

David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones has brought Christmas spirit to Twitter, after revealing he found the scarf his late father wore in his introduction to The Snowman.

The rock legend was enlisted to provide an introduction to the iconic Christmas short film for US and VHS audiences, after The Snowman – based on the picture book by Raymond Briggs – first aired on Boxing Day 1982. 

In the intro, Bowie visits ‘his’ childhood attic, where he finds a blue snowman-patterned scarf in a drawer, like the one the boy in the film is given, and says: ‘One winter I made a really big snowman. He got this scarf for me. You see, he was a real snowman.’

It seems that the Ziggy Stardust singer packed up the scarf among his things for safekeeping, as nearly 40 years on, his son Duncan found it in storage.

Filmmaker Duncan, 49, tweeted a picture of himself wearing the adorable knitted scarf – which looked almost brand new – while carrying a pair of monkey teddies made from socks. 

The director wrote: ‘Went looking for sock monkeys in the storage boxes and FOUND THE SCARF!!! YAY!’

Author Neil Gaiman replied: ‘You look so happy!!’, with Duncan responding: ‘I was actually quite emotional!’

Another reply to the tweet read: ‘You found the scarf, that means *you* need to do the Snowman intro now. that’s how it gets passed along through the years, like the Santa Clause but with less murder’, with Duncan replying: ‘Oh my… i could try.’

However, the loveliest reply came from Brian Harding, who said he worked on Bowie’s Snowman introduction.

He tweeted: ‘Hi  Duncan! I am Brian Harding, who produced the filming of your father’s introduction to The Snowman. You may not remember the history. The Scarf was knitted by the lady in the accounts department of TVC, the production company who made the animation.

‘She came onto the set and presented it to David. When filming was over, David asked very politely if he could keep the scarf to give to his son, Zowie. This was the only fee he charged for the filming and I believe he offered his services for personal reasons.

‘He was charming throughout and totally professional. I am glad that the scarf found its way to the destination he intended: from the dude to another dude.’

And now our hearts are melting just like the snowman. 

Duncan is the only child of David and his first wife Angie, and previously went by the name Zowie as a child.

The Moon director is now a father to a son and a daughter himself with wife Rodene Ronquillo.

Rock legend David was also dad to Lexi, 20, who he shared with model Iman, who he married in 1992.

The Life On Mars died two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his album Blackstar, after being diagnosed with liver cancer 18 months earlier. 

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