David Charvet Wants A Restraining Order Against Soccer Star Jermaine Jones

David Charvet (aka the non-singing Zac Efron of 90s who was in Baywatch and Melrose Place) is dealing with more drama. Yeah, there’s the whole divorce from Brooke Burke because he no longer makes her pee when she laughs, but now it seems he’s having even more marital trouble… and this time, it ain’t his marriage.

TMZ reports that 46-year-old David has filed for a restraining order against 37-year-old Team USA soccer player Jermaine Jones. What had happened was Jermaine posted a picture to social media of David, but he cleverly put the demon emoji face over David’s.

These grown adults on social media: they have the Photoshop skills of an eight year old. Jermaine didn’t just randomly put up David’s devil-imposed picture, he also read David for filth and accused David of being a home wrecker.

“I don’t understand how some man just come and step in to relationships. Calling them self friends and behind the scenes there goal is just to get on your wife… From the first day I don’t trusted him and I was right. He killed my family! …I just do that post because I don’t like that type of man what uses kids to get on married women #thedevilhimself.”

Uses kids to get on married women? Oh honey, spill the tea! Did he boff your wife at daycare? Were they getting it on after soccer practice? What’s the situation?!

That devil face was enough to put Dave on edge, so he filed a restraining order.

Oh, David, listen you should be careful of whose wife you allegedly steal. Teachers, chefs, retail workers; all people you can steal the wife of. Rappers and athletes: stay away. This guy has shoes with daggers on them! Watch yourself, or the next balls Jermaine put his cleats into might be the ones attached to your body.

Pic: Wenn.com

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