Debbie McGee: ‘It just came out’ Strictly finalist apologises after insulting co-star

Debbie McGee, 60, got into an awkward situation while presenting her show on BBC Radio Berkshire last weekend. The Strictly Come Dancing finalist took the opportunity to make a cheeky joke when she introduced her co-star Rob Lilley’s sports report. Debbie told her listeners: “It’s time to get the sport and the sport this morning is with Rob Lilley, but he doesn’t look like a lily.” The TV and radio personality then burst into a fit of giggles as she exclaimed: “Sorry Rob!”

Oh it just came out of my mouth, I’m sorry.

Debbie McGee

Rob seemed slightly perplexed by the insult as he replied: “I don’t even know what that means.”

Explaining her comment, Debbie answered: “A lily, a flower!”

However, Rob was unimpressed by the remark as he added: “What does that mean? Me, dainty?”

In spite of her co-host’s aggrieved response, the former magician’s assistant continued the joke as she mischievously said: “Listen, Petal.

“Oh it just came out of my mouth, I’m sorry!”

Rob went on to quiz the laughing star: “Shall I go home or do you want me to do the sport?”

After coming to her senses, Debbie begged: “No please do the sport,” to which Rob responded: “You two carry on and I’ll do the sport, honestly.” 

Fortunately, the presenter was able to read his report without any further interruptions.

Afterwards, Debbie tried to make amends by praising her co-star on his professionalism.

She gushed: “Gosh there was a lot to read out today, wasn’t there Rob?”

Rob curtly admitted: “And I had to do so in that atmosphere of distraction.”

Debbie added: “I can tell everybody, which he’ll kill me for, but after introducing and laughing that you don’t look like a lily I could see how you controlled yourself.

“He folded his arms and read the sport beautifully, so thanks Rob and you’ll be reading some more sport at half past the hour.”

Refusing to let the matter slide, Rob jokingly replied: “It depends how you introduce me.”

Elsewhere, Debbie offered support to her late husband Paul Daniels’ son Martin Daniels, whose son Lewis Daniels had to undergo a kidney transplant.

In view of his 2,541 followers, Martin wrote: “Thank you to the followers who are sticking with me over these weeks. Don’t have much going on as I’m looking after my son following his kidney transplant.”

Debbie replied: “Keep strong Martin we are all with you and thinking of you constantly Much love xx.”

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