Debby Ryan Opens Up About Anxiety & Panic Attacks: ‘Something Is Very Wrong With Society’

Debby Ryan is no stranger to talking about mental health.

The Insatiable actress recently opened up about her experiences with anxiety and panic attacks, which she says could “feel like you’re dying.”

“It feels like the world is [made of] walls and they’re all closing in on you and strangling you from the inside. When that begins to happen, your heart rate rises,” Debby told Teen Vogue.

“When you have a complicated relationship with your mind…all of the tricky things, navigating [it] does not mean that you are broken and that something is broken about you or something is wrong about you. But something is very wrong with society,” she added.

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“Anxiety comes in waves and on the other side, depression… Dysmorphia is everyday, constantly riding shotgun, confusing and daunting at best, debilitating and punishing at worst,” Debby continued on Instagram. “The complexities that go hand in hand with those things for me got weirder with each new dimension of living a public life, especially in a world where information behaves as currency.”

“I’ve always been transparent with the people around me, personally and professionally and am super thankful for relationships that always seek to understand, challenge, and better one another,” she added.

“As public conversation’s changed, there’s suddenly more room for dialogue that includes the messy complexities of being a human in a world with other humans!!! It’s an especially good time for openness and sincerity, moving from the pressure to hide, polish up or conquer whatever challenges I’m experiencing to just portraying life as I experience it, less curated, while still keeping the most private parts of my life close to my chest.”

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