Demi Lovato And Her Designer Boyfriend Have Broken Up

After leaving rehab, Demi Lovato made us fully aware that she had a new man in clothing designer Henri Levy. With her black nails and tough attitude and his edgy clothing designs involving swastikas and Mickey and Minnie Mouse having sex, these two seemed like a match made in Overgrown Hot Topic Heaven. But alas, all good things must end, and it’s being reported that Demi and Henri have called it quits.

People is reporting that after only four months together, Demri (or Hemi) have broken up. A source confirmed the break up and they are being sure to let everyone know that even though these two started dating immediately post-rehab, Henri was not Demi’s “sober companion”. So it seems we’ll never get another couple-picture where he looks like Gomez Adams got a bad bleach job and she looks like Morticia Addams picked up the wrong jacket from the pitch-black coat room on her way out of the party:

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There’s been no word on why the two broke up but maybe Henri is a huge 21 Savage fan?

Just because Demi is going through a break up with the most edgy designer to ever design a $7,000 cashmere noose, doesn’t mean she’s in trouble of relapsing. Sources confirmed to People that Demi had indeed gone to get more treatment for her sobriety at a facility outside of Los Angeles, but it was just for precautions:

“She has not relapsed since she overdosed. She did recently go to a facility, but it was her own decision… It was one trip to a treatment facility for a few weeks outside of Los Angeles.”

The source says that Demi is: “taking care of herself and is in a positive place… She’s working out and getting back in the studio to make music.”

Speaking of working out, Demi is also bouncing back post break up the way most of us thots do: Getting into the gym to get a revenge body. And she hit the gym hard judging by her latest Instagram post where she let us know she boxed a man’s tooth out of his own mouth:

It’s good you’re getting stronger Demi, since you’ll probably have to fight with some fans who are angry you and Henri broke up. The people who run that Demi.And.Henri Instagram page are going to be livid when they find out that there is no longer a need for “Your source about @ddlovato & @henrialexanderlevy”. They will be coming for you!

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