Demi Lovato Shares Gorgeous New ‘Bus Life’ Selfie During TMYLM World Tour

Who says the tour bus life can’t be glamorous?

As she travels through Europe on her highly-anticipated “Tell Me You Love Me” tour, Demi Lovato has been keeping fans updated on her travels on her popular Instagram account. On her page, Demi can often be seen posting photos from her shows and in one post yesterday, Lovato let fans know that she is clearly having a good time on tour with a telling caption.

“This tour is giving me life.. I love you guys.”

In another beautiful photo posted to her account yesterday, the 25-year-old shared an up-close and personal photo of herself on her tour bus. In the selfie, Lovato is tucked into her bed while she puts one hand over her head and looks into the lens of the camera. The singer flashes her pearly whites as well as a fresh-face of makeup, complete with eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss.

As always, Lovato is sporting perfectly manicured eyebrows and the tattoo on her arm is slightly visible in the snapshot. It comes as no surprise that Demi’s fans, who refer to themselves as Lovatics, immediately went to the picture to comment. Thus far, the photo has already earned a very impressive 659,000 likes as well as 3,800 plus comments.

Bus life

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Many of Demi’s 68 million plus followers took to the image to let Demi know how beautiful she looks while countless others had no words, just emojis.

“Simple, beautiful, genuine! Love your personality… Amazing looks, you are a great example to many young people…”

“The most beautiful princess, I love you Demi,” another fan wrote.

“Ooooohhhh Demi….. you are so pritty…. sensual… and nice…. but the best of you is your voice…. all together…. just in you…. I love you,” one more fan gushed.

And while she continues to travel the world on her “Tell Me You Love Me” tour, Demi has also been teasing fans that she will be dropping new music very soon. According to Teen Vogue, Lovato has been teasing fans on her Twitter account for the past week now, letting them know that she has new music coming sooner rather than later. Early this morning, she answered some questions for followers, hinting that a new song would be arriving very soon.

Long hair, she don’t care..

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“Not next week but maaaayyyyybbbbeeeeee the week after,” she tweeted.

The singer also dished that her new song will be one of her most heartbreaking songs yet, describing it as “raw, emotional, and heavy.”

To find out when Lovato is coming to an area near you, check out her tour dates here.

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