Denise Welch recalls going against Tim Healy’s wishes during marriage

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Denise Welch, 64, has looked back on her 42-hour labour when she had her eldest son, Matthew, 33, whom she shares with Tim Healy. The Loose Women star admitted to “going against Tim’s wishes” as she chose to go to a private hospital for the birth of her first child.

Speaking on Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe’s Parenting Hell podcast last year, Denise laughed as she remembered thinking there would be no pain relief at the natural childbirth clinic.

The Coronation Street actress said: “I had Matthew in London after a 42-hour labour. Natural childbirth.

“I was married to a complete champagne socialist, Tim. And we were going to have him in a National Health hospital, but it wasn’t the best hospital.

“So, we did go private against Tim’s wishes, but he wanted the best for me obviously, so we went privately.

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“I didn’t realise it was a natural childbirth hospital, but when I spoke to them they said, ‘For goodness sake Mrs Healy’ – as I then was – ‘It’s not the Victorian times, of course there’s going to be pain relief if you require it.’”

Denise is known for her outspoken demeanour and not being afraid to share intimate insights into her private life with her Loose Women co-stars.

On Tuesdays edition of the How To Be 60 podcast, Denise stunned Kaye Adams with a raunchy confession about her sex life.

Denise, who married her third husband Lincoln Townley, 50, in 2013, detailed their very active sex life as she spoke about sexual connection despite the age gap.

Kaye enquired: “How much younger is Lincoln than you?”

Denise replied: “I’m 64, so he’s 14 and a half years younger than me.”

Kaye questioned: “So do you feel the pressure to be frisky?”

“No I don’t feel any pressure, he does. I really enjoy sex more now than I have for a long time.

“I really love sex. I think that probably is a result of HRT. I like it in the morning,” revealed Denise cheekily.

Kaye retorted: “The next time you come into Loose Women at half past eight I will look at you differently!”

Formerly, Denise married David Easter in 1985, but the marriage ended in 1988. The star went on to marry Tim Healy in 1988, before splitting in 2012.

The Waterloo Road actress recently admitted that herself and Lincoln were both “at rock bottom” when they started their relationship.

The TV star wed Lincoln in a private villa on the Algarve in 2013, with the bride opting for a beautiful lemon-coloured raw silk and Chantilly lace gown made by Sharon Bowen.

Denise has continued to share loved-up photos and tributes to him since then, but she told Platinum Magazine that she was battling “fear” caused by alcoholism and depression, and he was “fighting his own demons” when they met.

However, she added: “When you get sober, you have to have an anchor and for some people that’s AA, for some people, it’s other support groups.

“For Lincoln and me, it was each other.”

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