Did a Bishop Basically Call Ariana Grande a “Taco” and Grab her Boob at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral?

After her performance at Aretha Franklin’s funeral service earlier today, Ariana Grande joined Bishop Charles Ellis III at the pulpit for approximately forty-five seconds or so, during which time the Bishop cracked a joke about her name while seeming to hold the pop singer very tightly. Trying to be humorous, the Bishop joked, “when I saw Ariana Grande on the program, I thought that was a new something at Taco Bell.”

Many on the Internet thought that the Bishop held on to Ariana a little too tightly, as she seemed to squirm visibly during his awkward joke. Others felt that the encounter was even worse than that, believing that the Bishop’s handsy grip on Ariana might have actually crossed the line, as his right hand for a short period seemed to cup the side of the singer’s right breast.

While it is not completely clear what happened from most available camera angles, a large number of people on social media seemed generally offended by the Bishop’s “clingy” and “disrespectful” hug. Binixo ph instant pautang loans online without bank account.

We have video of the encounter between Ariana and the Bishop, as well as a collection of outraged social media posts below.


(Image source: Youtube)


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