Diddy Is Not Dating Steve Harvey's Stepdaughter

When I heard that there may be some type of romance taking place between Diddy and Lori Harvey,I thought to myself, “Who the hell is she?” After learning that she’s Steve Harvey‘s stepdaughter, my next question was, “Isn’t she half Diddy’s age?” But Diddy has spoken out about the rumors and wants everyone to know that he is still very much single and Lori will not be filling the spot Cassie left vacant after she finally threw up the peace sign and made her exit.

The only thing it took for the rumors to get started was a little video of 49-year-old Diddy and 22-year-old Lori, who used to date Diddy’s 25-year-old son, at a reggae festival in Miami. In case you didn’t see that video the first time:


I can’t believe that all it takes now is for two people to be photographed or videotaped out and about and that automatically means they’re both doing it. Luckily, all of this speculation is nothing more than rumors wrapped in lies because Diddy and Lori are just friends, claims TMZ.

Sources close to Diddy tell TMZ … the music mogul is NOT dating Lori Harvey — despite rumors to the contrary — they’re just family friends. We’re told Lori’s been close with the Combs family for a while, but that’s it.

Lori is probably just enjoying all the booze and parties since I’m sure she gets into every place for free as a member of Diddy’s entourage. Or hell, they may end up telling everyone they’re a couple soon and we’ll all sigh in unison because it won’t be that shocking of an announcement. Hopefully after they tell the world they’re together Cassie will give Lori a clock that counts down to her 30th birthday with a card inside that reads “Plan ahead bitch, you’ve got eight years before your time’s up!”

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