Dog the Bounty Hunter Can’t Get Over Beth’s Painful Final Moments, Daughter Bonnie Says

Bonnie Chapman shares in an interview new details of the last moments before her mother ‘choked on her cancer’ and was unconscious, and how they have been weighing on her father Dog.

AceShowbiz -Witnessing Beth Chapman‘s painful moments before she was put on a medically induced coma wasn’t an easy one for Dog the Bounty Hunter a.k.a. Duane Chapman. The couple’s daughter Bonnie Chapman reveals in an interview with SurvivorNet new harrowing details about her mother’s final moments and how they have been weighing on her father ever since.

“My dad goes over and over and over what happened, because he can’t get it out of his head,” Bonnie, who has been featured on her parents’ reality show “Dog the Bounty Hunter“, says. “She quite literally choked on her cancer. My mom was naked in the bathroom and told my dad to look at her. And he goes, ‘I am looking at you.’ And she goes, ‘No, look at me.’ “

She goes on sharing, “And then she was standing there and she started gasping, and my sister came into the room and they called 911 immediately. And that was the last moment that we really saw her completely conscious.”

Beth was able to say several more “last words” to her family at the hospital in the next few days, but as Bonnie says that was the last time her mother was fully awake. Beth passed away of complications from cancer after several days in the hospital on June 26.

Dog previously shared a similar story about his late wife’s final moments before she was rushed to the hospital. “The last few moments she said, ‘Come in here right now, in the bathroom,’ ” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I went in and she said, ‘Look at me.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, you’re freaking beautiful baby.’ [And she said,] ‘Look at me, Duane Chapman.’ And I did, I always saw Beth and she said, ‘Please, let me go.’ “

He went on recalling, “And I didn’t even make a decision, I almost said, ‘I can’t.’ Before I could say, ‘All right,’ she couldn’t breathe and I called the ambulance … But every day, she talked as if she was not there. ‘Here’s what to do with this, here’s what to do with that. Don’t keep running your mouth. When they ask you a specific question, just answer that.’ “

Bonnie also reveals in the new interview that her mother was not fond of chemotherapy. “She did try one round of chemo,” the 20-year-old says. “And it did not go well for her. She had very severe symptoms.”

She goes on sharing, “She completely despised it. She despised who she was after that one session. And she had tried [the chemo] because so many people had been telling her, ‘Please, at least try.’ And she didn’t want to disappoint people by not trying it at all, but at the end of the day, she did not want to lose her hair, her teeth…”

“She didn’t want to feel like she was falling apart,” Bonnie adds of her mother, whom she dubbed “very much the head of the family.” She continues, “She wanted to remain as much ‘Beth’ as possible. Even though when she did pass, she had lost the majority of her hair, she was really happy to still have her smile and still look like Beth.”

Of going through the grieving process in the public eye, Bonnie says, “Everything we do right now is being publicized. And it’s hard sometimes, because we’re trying to keep it together. Right now is the most fragile time of our lives.”

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