Dog The Bounty Hunter Could Be Moments Away From Catching Brian Laundrie?!

Will Dog the Bounty Hunter really close this case?

As we’ve been reporting, Brian Laundrie has been missing for days after the disappearance — and, as was eventually revealed, death — of his girlfriend Gabby Petito. Local law enforcement combed swampland, the FBI have done DNA matching, but recovering the runaway might all come down to one man… Duane “Dog” Chapman.

The bounty hunter previously revealed knowledge of a campsite where he claimed Brian had been staying. On Wednesday morning, sources told TMZ that Dog had received additional information that lead him “to believe Laundrie was alive and moving around as of 10 PM on Tuesday.”

Now, the reality star, working alongside a team of “skilled ground and boat crews,” is reportedly headed to a “to a remote site where he says Laundrie is hiding.” At the time of reporting, Dog was less than an hour from closing in on the site.

The 68-year-old joined the hunt for Brian shortly after tying the knot with his new wife Francie Frane. It’s hard to believe that after everything that’s happened in this case, a newlywed Dog the Bounty Hunter could be the one to close it. We’ll be waiting to see if his lead comes to fruition, and continue to hope that Brian will soon be found, no matter who is doing the finding.

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