Dog the Bounty Hunter Says Fiancee Helps Him 'Man Up' but Still Grieve Beth

Dog the Bounty Hunter feels blessed to have a new woman he wants to marry, and while shared grief brought them together … they’re working through the pain together.

ICYMI, the reality TV star recently got engaged to Francie Frane, who he tells us is a Colorado rancher who lost her husband to cancer around the time he lost his wife, Beth Chapman, to cancer as well.

It’s no secret Dog’s had a hard time getting over Beth’s passing, but Thursday on “TMZ Live” he said he and Francie talk about Beth — helping him grieve in a healthier way, and he consoles Francie too.

Just as importantly, he tells us his new wife-to-be helps him “man up” and do his job the way it needs to be done.

As an added bonus … Dog’s family is fully on board with his new relationship, which wasn’t so much the case when he proposed to Moon Angell. He told us his super protective daughters love Francie.

Finally, Dog tells us people ask him what Beth would think about his new gal … and his answer’s pretty hilarious. He suggests she might be busy with other things, and who knows … maybe Baby Bird‘s with her too.

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