Dolly Parton Once Said Sylvester Stallone Got Too Much Credit for Her Weight Loss

Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone starred together in the universally-panned Rhinestone. Despite the unfavorable reviews, Parton and Stallone enjoyed their time working together on the film. During that time, some speculated that the two were having an affair and that Stallone inspired Parton to start eating healthier and working out. Parton said that Stallone was getting too much credit for something she did on her own.

Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone had fun working together in ‘Rhinestone’

Though they seem like an unlikely pairing, Parton and Stallone spoke about how much fun they had together in Rhinestone.

“When I met him, I loved him instantly,” Parton said in 1984, per Smooth Radio. “I think we just struck up a wonderful, lasting friendship. I loved his energy and his personality … He had me laughing, I couldn’t even do my scenes … He absolutely tickles me to death. He’s a crazy person.”

Stallone agreed with her. Though he wasn’t thrilled with the final product, he liked Parton.

“She’s really wonderful,” he said.

She said that he was getting too much credit for her weight loss

When Parton began working on Rhinestone, she had challenges with her physical and mental health that caused her to gain weight.

“I’d never really been sick in my life until a couple of years ago, and then I was sick for 18 months to two years,” she told Interview Magazine. “It was brought on by a lot of emotional problems that I was having. I had to make a lot of decisions with a lot of people I had been with for years and years, and we were not helping each other emotionally. We did great business together, but it was just very hard.”

After the film, she began focusing on healthy foods and exercise, and some speculated that Stallone was behind the change.

“Stallone, who most definitely has a beautiful body, has been getting a lot of credit for something he has nothing to do with,” Parton told The Washington Post in 1984.

The choice to begin eating healthier foods was her own, but she did credit him as an inspiration. 

“I was coming out of a big gloom at the time, and I had some health problems and was feeling not so good,” Parton wrote in her book, Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics. “But [Stallone] was so health-conscious, crazy, and funny. It was good for me.”

Dolly Parton said Sylvester Stallone helped her out of a hard period

Regardless of whether or not Stallone instilled new eating and exercise habits in Parton, she said that he did help her out of the difficult period of her life. She had so much fun working with him that she considers Rhinestone one of her favorite movie experiences.

“Even though the movie didn’t do that well, that was one of my greatest projects,” Parton told Rolling Stone. “Because Stallone was so full of life and so crazy and so funny, and he made me laugh a lot, which was real healthy for me. That movie got me back on track.”

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