Dolly Parton had to sleep in a car when she first started singing

Dolly Parton, who started singing when she was just 10 years old, had to struggle before becoming the country music megastar she is today.

The 37-time Grammy nominee grew up poor with her 11 siblings in the mountains of East Tennessee where they had no running water “unless we’d run and get it,” she said in an interview on Reese Witherspoon’s new DirecTV series, “Shine On With Reese,” which aired this week.

But having nothing didn’t stop the “Jolene” singer from going out and doing what she had to do to live out her dreams.

“Daddy didn’t want me getting out in the world,” she told Witherspoon. “He didn’t even want me to go to school — but that wasn’t in a bad way he was just afraid something bad was gonna happen to his girls.”

She continued, “But Momma knew that I had a strength. She knew I knew what I wanted and who I was so she would fight for me a lot when I’d wanted to go places Daddy didn’t want me to go to sing, like to Nashville with my Uncle Bill.”

When she hit the road to perform, Parton had to get creative with her lodging.

“We’d sleep in the car, that was our room,” she said. “My bedroom was the backseat and [Bill’s] was the front seat.”

The big-haired country crooner had to create her own special beauty regimen to look the part.

“I’d wash my hair in the filling station bathrooms and put makeup on in the side mirror of the car, and that was just how you did it,” she quipped.

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