Donald Trump Congratulated Tom Brady On Twitter For Making It To The Super Bowl

Yesterday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady clinched his spot to return to the Super Bowl for the ninth time, and all the Brady fan boys jizzed their pants with excitement. Meanwhile, over at the Whitest house in America, a very moist in his nether regions Donald Trump also pursed his lips together to kiss both of Brady’s butt cheeks by tweeting out his congrats after their win.

There was a time not long ago when Trump and Tom were BFFs, but that all came to a screeching halt when Tom refused to visit the White House after his 2017 Super Bowl win. And you know Trump is the type to hold grudges, so he’s probably been stuffing his face with Metamucil flavored sorbet while writing  “I Hate Tom Brady!” every night in his diary since then. Well,now Trump is ready to put those ill feelings aside. Trump’s Twitter fingers came alive after Tom’s win when he sent a message of support to his former ride or die.

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