Donald Trump is going on a golfing excursion

Our leader of the free world will spend some July Fourth-ish time away from cares of state and maybe more on caring for the green. Instead of a bald eagle, maybe a double eagle.

Flying 25 minutes into Lewisburg, the president then heads to the Alleghenies and West Virginia’s White Sulphur Springs. A four-day Professional Golfers’ Association event which, attended by thousands, the Greenbrier hotel has hosted repeatedly.

Because this particular event’s special, all outside and inside bleachers, kiosks, shops, grandstands, award-winning circle, 18th and 19th holes got re-juiced like a grande dame getting a face-lift.

Dorothy Draper’s Carleton Varney and Brinsley Matthews redesigned the hotel’s total environment. Special shrubs, rhododendrons. The cafe that serves booze now with an aqua ceiling. Its casino — same place Tiger Woods once blew $600,000, which was less than his fee to show up — newly all green and white.

Everything overhauled because this Independence Day tournament is special. Officially renamed, it will be “A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier.” There’s a flyover, a complimentary lunch for servicemen and, with respect for the military, a commander in chief’s reason for attendance.

The five-star, year-round Greenbrier, owned by the state’s Gov. Jim Justice, has a patriotic background. Seventy staffers served in uniform. Twenty-seven US presidents have visited. In WWII, it doubled as an Army hospital. The assessment is 1,000 government officials could survive a nuclear apocalypse in its fully operational secret fallout shelter facilities.

Dating to the Civil War, the Greenbrier is the history of America.

On July 5, may the president beat Phil Mickelson.

Spawn Kingdom

At Primola: Justin Daly, Pia Lindström son/Ingrid Bergman grandson, just wrote and directed his first film, “The Big Take.” With him, Josh Fayer, who opened South Street art gallery Nonfinito. His heritage is Andrea Palin and pioneer Jack Entratter, who managed Vegas’ Sands Hotel. The kids are taking over.

He’s Gotti get there

While there seems to be a fight to stay out of viewing Travolta’s Gotti film, Adrian Grenier’s looking to go in. His “Entourage” sidekick Kevin Connolly directed it.

From the man’s own throat: “I’m going. I want to see it.” Maybe the after-hours Hamptons environment swayed him. He spun records, played drums and liked guests who were hauled in a Tesla. “I came in a Tesla, too. I’m down with everything green.” Or black and blue like Gotti’s victims.

Please pay attention

Kathie Berlin, a top PR lady in our universe, just lost her husband of 44 years. White House correspondent Richard Valeriani was with NBC 31 years . . .

Born ’56, Metuchen, NJ, David Seth Kotkin’s “Summer of Magic” is at the New-York Historical Society. At 12, this youngest pro — Davino, the Boy Magician — ever in the Society of American Magicians has since won 12 world records and told magician’s rep Gregory Speck: “We build on techniques, careers and predecessors’ tricks. Without Houdini, I’d never have become David Copperfield.”

New wheels are real fancy

Speaking of cars, I again speak of cars. Comes now the Lamborghini Urus — its name’s from an extinct variety of extra-large cattle.

SUV, $220,000, it’s for the 1 percent. It’s also 640 horsepower — faster than a TV New York housewife. The padded dash has a toggle titled “Ego.” What it does, who knows? If you have a three-picture deal with Netflix, dial your dealer. Figures there’ll be a rush on this.

Rodriguez and Jennifer co-bought this big apartment in Park Avenue’s newest tallest building.

Most of its places look identical. But easy to tell J.Lo’s apartment. It’s the one with the biggest porch.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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