Donald Trump Says His Claims About Stormy Daniels Are Protected By The 1st Amendment

Hey, we know. Donald Trump is facing a LOT of lawsuits. It’s tough to keep track.

But remember when Stormy Daniels finally came forward and told her story about being intimidated into silence about her affair with Trump?

And then the President of the United States said on Twitter that she was a liar?

Well, Daniels sued for defamation over that tweet, and now Cadet Bone Spurs is trying to get the suit dismissed in the most hypocritical way of all time.

In a motion to dismiss filed on Monday, obtained by, Trump’s lawyer Charles Harder (we swear, we are living in a badly written porno) argued that Trump’s comments are just free speech protected by the First Amendment.

So let us get this straight. Trump has, according to one site‘s running total, 45 TIMES threatened to sue individuals and businesses — including Rosie O’DonnellUSA Today, and even The Onion — for saying bad things about him.

But when he does it it’s free speech. Mmmkay.

Harder’s motion also argued that Stormy Daniels can’t prove the tweets were “damaging” to her because she’s an adult entertainer, and no one cares if they’re liars:

“There is nothing about Plaintiff’s career as an adult entertainer that requires a reputation for honesty.”

We’ll skip right over how demeaning that is.

Considering she’s risking her entire reputation coming out and telling the truth about getting hush money to cover up her affair with a presidential candidate — something Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen has now admitted to in a guilty plea — it seems like being accused of a “con job” is pretty damaging to that effort.

And whether he has any credibility or not, the POTUS has the blind allegiance of something like 33% of America, who take his word as gospel. So being called out on his Twitter is dangerous for anyone living in the U.S.

Legally speaking, Daniels’ hot lawyer, Michael Avenatti, doesn’t seem to think Trump’s team has a leg to stand on. He issued a statement to DM calling the motion “as baseless as Trump’s comments about Senator McCain.”


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