Drake Rapped That Kanye "Flopped" At A Recent Chicago Concert

Drake sure does know how to kick a man when he’s down! After a humiliating public fashion faux pas, Kanye West’s got one more thing to be mortified by after Drake brought the fire and dissed him at a show in Chicago. Only, it’s Drake we’re talking about so when I say fire, picture a tentative, soggy match willing itself to ignite, not a napalm fueled flame thrower like the one Pusha-T used on him.

Drake was performing in Chicago, Kanye’s hometown, when he subtly changed the lyrics to his song “Know Yourself” in order to suggest that Kanye’s record YE had “flopped“. According to Billboard:

Instead of rapping the If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late track’s original lyrics, “Had a job sellin’ Girbaud jeans/ I had a yellow TechnoMarine/ Then Kanye dropped, it was polos and backpacks,” Drake changed the last line to “Kanye flopped.”

Oh snap! How will Kanye ever live this down? Drake hath roasted Mr. West most mercilessly. Here’s video of the moment Kanye’s career was sabotaged by the scurrilous rapscallion, Drake.

Wow, just wow. The dry ice budget for the Drake tour must be astronomical. Kanye is, of course, fair game since he’s the producer on Pusha-T’s album Daytona which included the Drake diss tracks “Infrared” and “The Story of Adidon”. But all Pusha-T did was accuse Drake of being a deadbeat father, talked shit about his momma and his daddy, claimed he doesn’t write his own raps, and resurface old photos of him in blackface. That’s no excuse for Drake, with all his industry clout and millions of dollars, to publicly slap Kanye in the face with 9 inches of limp dick (or a single, over-cooked elbow macaroni, as the case may be).

Good thing for Drake, Kanye’s currently too busy shuffling all over town in his too-small slides.

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