Drake Slams Kanye & Pusha T In ‘Behind Barz’ Freestyle: They’re ‘Too Worried About Selling Shoes’

The Drake & Pusha T feud continues! Drizzy dropped a new video for UK rap channel Link Up TV in which he raps a new freestyle and throws some massive shade at Pusha and Kanye West.

Drake may have just released a new album, but the music is still flowing. The 31-year-old rapper teamed up with UK rap channel Link Up TV to share a new “Behind Barz” freestyle. Upon first listen, it definitely seems like the Canadian musician dissed Pusha T and Kanye West. Let’s take a look at the lyrics!

In the first verse, Drake gets out the line “Man start dissin’ and doing reposts.” We can infer that the man making the disses is Pusha, who called out the Degrassi alum on his Kanye-produced album Daytona earlier this year. The “repost” line might be referring to Pusha retweeting Kanye’s response to the feud. His tweet reads: “I’ve never been about beef I’m about love lines were crossed and it’s not good for anyone so this is dead now.”

But Drake didn’t stop there. Another pair of lyrics in the song goes, “They told me relax ’cause they’re taking control / Take all that s*** up with P and his bro.” This line might be referring to how J. Prince revealed that he told Drake not to respond to Pusha’s digs. “P and his bro” is likely referring directly to Pusha and Kanye.

Drake brings ‘Ye up again later in the song when he raps: “They wanna link when they go no chunes / They too worried about sellin’ out shoes / I don’t give a f*** about jeans or crap / Or going to Milan or going to the Met.” It’s pretty easy to see that Drake is calling out his fellow rapper who has since been steadily focusing on his Yeezy clothing line and shoe collection.

Drake’s last freestyle “Duppy Freestyle,” dropped in May, and also seemed to retaliate against Pusha T and Kanye after the pair appeared to diss Drake for allegedly using a ghostwriter in the song “Infrared” on Daytona.

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