Dua Lipa Accuses Other Famous Women of Being Hypocritical on Social Media

AceShowbizDua Lipa has accused her fellow female stars of embracing feminism in public but sending negative private comments on social media.

The “New Rules” hitmaker has used acceptance speeches at awards ceremonies to advocate for womens’ rights and pitched her recent track “Swan Song” as an “empowering anthem”.

However, she claims that many other famous women talk about promoting each other and feminist ideals in public but behave badly behind the scenes.

“Out in the open we’re very much pro-women, you know, supporting each other, looking after each other, sisterhood, all this stuff” she said in an interview with U.K. broadcaster ITV. “And then there’s a darker side when you go on social media, and it feels like the same people that are preaching for all this equality and looking after each other… it doesn’t feel so equal online.”

“It’s as if me coming out now and being like, ‘I support women,’ but then I go on social media and I’m talking about, or comparing two women against each other or why one isn’t better than the other. It’s very hypocritical.”

When asked about the negative comments she has faced on social media she added, “It comes and goes.”

The 23-year-old singer also complained that women in pop are not taken seriously – as there’s an assumption they are not creating their own music.

“If you’re not a female artist that’s by a piano or by a guitar people are instantly going to think you’re manufactured, or you don’t write your own songs, or you don’t make your own music,” she explained. “I feel that you have to spend a lot more time proving to the world that this is us. These are our songs, these are our lyrics.”

Asked about tips for youngsters trying to follow in her footsteps, she advised: “I guess for any young girl, people are going to champion you until you get to where you want to be, and then they are going to try and bring you down a couple of pegs. But you have to remember that hard work and your dedication and your passion for what you want to do got you to where you want to be and no one can take that away from you.”

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