Dua Lipa Explains Why She Wiped Her Instagram (Video)

Dua Lipa is opening up about her next chapter.

The 24-year-old “Don’t Start Now” singer spoke to Nova 96.9 Fitzy & Wippa about the reason behind wiping all of her old Instagram pictures ahead of the launch of her new album.

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“I think, for me, it was just to prove to myself that social media isn’t really real in that aspect that you can do whatever you want, that you can post how you want, and you can choose how you use social media…it was more for fun,” she explained.

“It was more, I’m starting a new album. I want to just start fresh. Those memories are always going to be there. I lived through them and I’ll never forget them. I have those pictures for the rest of my life and I get to keep them. But it’s to kind of take away the preciousness that I feel so much with social media, and that was kind the reason why I did it.”

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