Duchess Kate is ‘working on a stunning Jubilee wardrobe’ with Sarah Burton

One of the most horrid things about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Caribbean Flop Tour was that it was abundantly clear that Kate used the trip as a tone-deaf fashion tour. She thought she would be praised coming and going for her ugly colonialist-throwback looks and her inappropriately-priced bespoke looks. Kate was supposed to be there to celebrate the Struggle Jubbly and highlight local issues in the Caribbean. Instead, she wore £34,332.95 worth of new, ugly clothing. She was prancing around, preening and keening in her dumb couture… when she wasn’t recoiling from Black people or greeting children behind a chain-link fence.

I bring this up because we’ve been told repeatedly that Kate isn’t *supposed to be* a fashion plate and that she simply cares too much about supporting her husband and looking at Early Years pie charts to really be a fashion plate. Except that Kate does care, she just had awful style and some kind of issue which causes her to constantly copykeen her dead mother-in-law and the sister-in-law she exiled. Well, funny story – Kate clearly thinks the Struggle Jubbly is going to be all about the Keen Show. So she’s reportedly already meeting with Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen to create some custom looks:

The Duchess of Cambridge could turn to the designer of her wedding dress for her Queen’s Jubilee wardrobe. The Mail on Sunday understands that Kate has spoken with Sarah Burton, now the lead designer at the Alexander McQueen fashion house, about what to wear for the national celebration.

The Duchess twice wore Alexander McQueen outfits on her recent tour of the Caribbean and is specifically seeking advice on what to wear when she appears on the Buckingham Palace balcony in June and at a celebration ball.

A source told The Mail on Sunday: ‘The Duchess is working on a stunning Jubilee wardrobe and word is that Sarah Burton has been over to Kensington Palace. Some of Kate’s preferred designers have been given special places in the stands at the Platinum Pageant, but Alexander McQueen is rumoured to be her favourite. Whether they are working on a dress for the balcony or for another event like the evening ball, or both, remains to be seen.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I mean, I guess we all assumed that Kate would use the Jubbly as an opportunity to buy more ugly clothes, but it’s just… too much at this point? Like, hon, you dropped $50K on clothing for the Colonialist Tour. People are creeped out with your unhinged Meghan cosplay and Diana cosplay. Figure out something else besides the same old designers. I also suspect that Kate believes she needs to be prepared for the Sussexes coming back for some Jubbly events, and Kate thinks she needs to “compete” with whatever fashion Meghan will wear.

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