Duchess Kate’s Hair Game Is Still On Point

The Duchess of Cambridge’s big and bouncy hair is back.

How does the Duchess of Cambridge manage to keep her hair looking so perfect? It’s a question on the minds of everyone who follows Kate and the entire royal family. Even when she was very pregnant and London was extremely humid, Middleton still managed to walk around with bouncy, shiny, and voluminous hair that would make anyone envious.

Why didn’t the humidity throw a wrench in that perfect hair? Turns out, achieving that bouncy hairstyle isn’t as hard as one might expect.

After giving birth to Prince Louis back in April, Duchess Kate has only made a handful of public appearances. In all cases, Kate donned an updo or a hat to keep her hair covered up. Anyone who has ever had a child can sympathize with a lack of zest to put into the perfect hairstyle during the exhausting time of tending to the demands of a newborn.

This past Saturday, the mom-of-three accompanied the Duchess of Sussex to the All England Club. All eyes were on the new mother as she revealed her hair game was still very much on point. Sporting a very sophisticated and stylish ensemble, it was Kate’s sleek blowout parted to the side that caught everyone’s eyes. According to the Stylish section of Us Weekly, Middleton’s caramel-colored locks had new highlights.

Middleton complemented her new vibrant color with her very signature shiny and voluminous curls, flaunting that her big and perfect hair had returned.

For fans of Kate who wish to have the same perfect shiny and bouncy blowout, it isn’t a hairstyle that requires a trip to the salon for professional help. The Drybar founder Alli Webb told Us Weekly, “It’s surprisingly simple to recreate the Duchess’ luscious locks at home.”

According to Alli, the trick is to flip the recently curled hair upside down before applying a “generous coating” of your choice of volumizing hair spray. After spraying the hair from root to tip, Alli suggests massaging the spray into the hair strands. This very simple process results in thick, full, and bouncy curls.

Webb also told Us Weekly that the biggest mistake individuals make with their attempt to recreate Kate’s hairstyle is working with hair that has not been washed in two or three days. The oil build-up in the hair prevents the volumizing spray from working the right way. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied by using a little dry shampoo to strip the hair of the oil before curling it.

With oil-free curled hair and some volumizing spray, anyone can style their hair to look exactly like Kate’s perfect blowout.

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