Dylan Minnette Celebrity Lookalikes,13 Reasons Why Doppelgangers


We just can’t get enough of Dylan Minnette. The 13 Reasons Why cutie can act, sing, play guitar and make us all laugh. Like, could he be any more perfect?! If seasons one and two of his hit Netflix show weren’t enough Dylan content for you, don’t worry; you’ll be seeing a lot more of him because the series just got renewed for a third season!

It’s been a running joke that the 21-year-old and fellow actor Logan Lerman are actually the same person. Just looking at the two of them, one could easily be confused as to which one is which. Logan is Dylan’s most obvious lookalike, but it turns out there are so many more. Scroll through our gallery to see which other celebs look just like the 13RW cutie!

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