Dylan Sprouse Brought Shake Shack For Barbara Palvin To Eat After The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Dylan Sprouse may have earned the title of “Boyfriend of the Year” last night.

The actor and mead brewer supported his girlfriend, model Barbara Palvin, at last night’s annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, not only by sitting in the audience to watch her strut her stuff, but by bringing her a mouthwatering meal for after the show — a sack full of food from the Manhattan-based burger chain, Shake Shack.

“He’s bringing Shake Shack burgers for me,” Palvin told People as she got ready backstage for her walk down the Victoria’s Secret catwalk after a six-year hiatus. And boy, did he deliver.

“I’m coming @realbarbarapalvin,” he wrote on his Instagram story to his girlfriend, revealing a photo of the inside of the bag that appeared to hold five of the delicious treats.

Dylan explained to his 5.8 million followers on the social media account that he was asked by security if he wanted to give the bag of food to staff before walking on the pink carpet but he “didn’t trust em with the goods,” leading to a series of incredible photos of Dylan arriving to the show in a snappy all-white suite that he paired with the brown Shake Shack take-out bag, complete with the receipt stapled to it.

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They asked me if I wanted to hand the bag off to staff before the pink carpet. I didn’t trust em with the goods. Thanks @victoriassecret for giving me the chance to see my gal strut her stuff and bring her some burgers. Giving a huge high five to my younger self btw ????

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He guarded the snack like a hawk, keeping the bag at his feet while watching the Victoria’s Secret Angels strut down the runway. He stood up when Barbara took to the catwalk, clutching his heart as he kept his eyes glued to his own angel.

Palvin last participated in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in 2012 when she was 19, and told People she was careful about what she ate leading up to her big comeback last night, instead indulging in cooking video clips of forbidden foods.

“We had a funny thing this morning because I was watching videos of food. That is what I do! I was like, ‘Yeah, dip it! Cut it! Eat it!,” she joked. “[Dylan] was like, ‘Babe? Are you okay?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, but it is just fried lasagna!’”

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New @victoriassecret ????

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Palvin said she was grateful for her supportive boyfriend and family “who are able to handle me being hungry,” adding that she cooks for Dylan and drools while she watches him eat.

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Always wanted to be a Bond girl. ????

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She also shared that she did feel a sense of pressure before making her big return to the show.

“I feel a lot of pressure. When I was 19 and I did the show, I didn’t really understand how much pressure it is and how I should feel,” the model said. “But to be here now means so much because I did this. I worked my a** [off] and I am here. It is my big comeback.”

The full Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air on December 2 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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