Eamonn Holmes brands fireworks ‘animal cruelty’ and calls for them to be banned

Eamon Holmes has called for fireworks to be banned during certain times this holiday season as his dog has been left panic-stricken by the sounds.

The 61-year-old presenter has had a soft spot for dogs ever since he and wife Ruth Langsford adopted their Collie-cross Maggie from the Dog’s Trust over a decade ago.

Every year as Guy Fawkes Night arrives, the This Morning star is left concerned for his pooch as more and more people use fireworks – creating too loud a noise for his dog leaving her scared "witless".

Now, Eamon is calling for the frequent use of fireworks to be reconsidered.

"I don't know what she thinks is happening, but the bangs and flashes scare her witless,” he wrote in Best magazine.

“It's so distressing to watch. If you have a pet, you will share our helplessness.

"It's pure animal cruelty but nobody in charge seems to care. There's more that could be done. Restricting the dates and hours in which fireworks can be set off is one, instead of a month-long blitzkrieg.

"Nothing I or Ruth say will make a darn bit of difference but my dog, anyone's dog, cat rabbit, pony or farm animal's face or response just might. Few children will prefer a display over distress."

Eamon posted side-by-side photos of his pet Maggie on bonfire night to illustrate his point, showing her looking relaxed in the first image and wide-eyed and agitated by the fireworks in the second.

“Sad to see the top face become the bottom face because of #Fireworks last night,” he captioned.

“Here we go again…#BonfireNight #GuyFawkesNight.”

The broadcaster said he’s tried “everything” he can think of to try and prevent his dog from feeling scared from the noise, covering her with blankets and giving her treats – but nothing has worked.

He suggested as a way to combat the fear animals are put under when they hear fireworks every year, that they strictly only be used for Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night or New Year’s Eve.

It’s not surprising Eamon’s pursuit in protecting his dog considering his well-known adoration for his pooch.

His has gone so far that he even immortalised his pet dog as a life-sized bronze statue, after wife Ruth refused his suggestion to have Maggie stuffed after she died in an alternative tribute.

“It’s like having two dogs in the house. Maggie looks at this other dog and thinks it’s alive!" he said.

"If Maggie ever goes, I wanted something to capture her in her prime."

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