Eiza Gonzalez Vs. Fergie: Which Of Josh Duhamel’s Ladies Takes The Sexier Instagram Pics?

Josh Duhamel’s romance with Eiza Gonzalez is heating up! He first began dating the actress about five months after his split from Fergie. Both women have impeccable style and selfie skills, but which has the better Instagram game?

Josh Duhamel, 45, is one lucky dude. In 2009, he had the honor of marrying absolute goddess Fergie, 43, and spent eight years married to her. However, the couple ended up splitting in Sept. 2014. Now, Duhamel has moved on from his ex-wife and started dating yet another incredible woman – Eiza Gonzalez, 28.

Both of these ladies are successful in their own right. As a musician, Fergie has won 8 Grammy Awards and been nominated for a whopping total of 20. Meanwhile, Gonzalez is an actress with comprehensive resume ranging from Mexican telenovelas to a role in the Academy Award-nominated film Baby Driver. Honestly, what I really want to know is how Duhamel landed not one, but both of these inspiring, successful women. To be fair, he does seem like a nice dude… but still.

But if Fergie and Gonzalez’s careers weren’t already beyond exceptional, these two have also nailed the art that is social media selfies. I mean, it’s 2018. If you don’t have an Instagram, what are you even doing? Both of these ladies post frequently on the app, and include pics ranging from on-point makeup looks to glimpses of their stylish #OOTDs.

Ewww. ?

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They each have their own unique style – Fergie is a bit more hippie bohemian while Gonzalez is more likely to rock a trendy crop top and denim skirt – but they also have similarities running through their photos. For instance, both of these celebs love a good full-glam look. Who could blame them?

#Coachella Friday 2015

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Duhamel shouldn’t be the only person who’s allowed to admire these talented, stunning queens, so take a scroll through the gallery above and see all the amazing #looks and silly selfies that Fergie and Gonzalez have blessed the world with on Instagram. If the pics make you realize that you prefer one of their styles over the other, then, cool! Tell us who by voting below! But I won’t blame you if you genuinely can’t choose whose wardrobe is cuter – I know I can’t decide.

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