Elizabeth Hurley, 52, Leaves Little To The Imagination In Silky Pink Nightgown — Her Latest Sexy Pic

Elizabeth Hurley proved she’s looking sexier than ever when she took to Instagram on June 3 to post a pic of herself wearing a revealing pink nightgown.

Elizabeth Hurley, 52, is looking mighty fine for her age and she definitely showcased that when she took to Instagram on June 3 to post an incredibly sexy photo of herself wearing a silky pink nightgown. “Nights in pink satin,” she captioned the amazing pic, which shows her sitting on a leopard print chair and flaunting some massive cleavage. The gorgeous actress often shows off her toned body on her social media whenever she gets the chance and each time, we’re inspired by how youthful she looks!

Elizabeth’s impressive photos are always on our radar. Whether she’s wearing a barely-there bikini or a beautiful evening dress, she never fails to show off her best qualities. Her confidence shines through any time she decides to publicly display her beauty and she’s truly been a role model to anyone over the age of 50. Age is nothing but a number and with Elizabeth, there’s always a reminder for that thought!

Despite being a role model, like anyone in the public eye, she’s sometimes criticized for dressing sexy at certain times, including when she took a photo with her 16-year-old son Damian. The mom wore a French maid costume for an episode of the E! television series The Royals in which she played the role of Queen Helena. Joan Collins joined her for the epic photo and although there were some followers who thought she dressed out of line for a pic with her son, Elizabeth didn’t seem bothered. The ex of Hugh Grant remains true to herself and does what she wants! We can’t wait to see more of her confident pics in the future as it’s always great to see a woman feel good with who she is!

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