Elizabeth Hurley, 53, Goes Topless While Swimming ‘Off The Calories’ In Greece — Video

Hottie! Ageless wonder Elizabeth Hurley is vacationing in Greece and went completely topless for a sexy swim. We’ve got the racy video of her looking beyond stunning.

Elizabeth Hurley  is a pro at modeling bikinis for her beachwear collection, but she decided to ditch her top go practically naked for a swim in Greece. The 53-year-old hit the pool wearing nothing but skimpy white bottoms and a great big smile on Aug. 22. It’s no coincidence that she decided to do the breast stroke for her lap as smiled at the camera the whole time. Then the made her Instagram fans’ day when she stopped, jumped upwards covering her bare boobs with her arms then landed back in the pool with a splash and a laugh. Her body is so incredibly tight, as the vid shows her flat tummy, perky behind and that chest that has defied time.

Apparently Liz has been indulging in the amazing Greek cuisine, captioning the photo “Attempting to swim off the calories #holiday #greece” Aww c’mon! Vacations are a time to let loose and enjoy the things you wouldn’t normally eat at home. Besides, Greek cuisine is based on a Mediterranean diet that’s heavy on healthy veggies. There’s always time to get back to calorie counting when she’s back home in England.

“I need to find this pool 😍😍😍” one fan wrote on the comments while another begged her, “Liz if your gonna be frisky & free, next time throw your arms up. Much more dramatic impact on your fan base😳 LOL! It was nice!!👍🏻” A naughty fan wrote “I’ve watched this 100 times still hoping I’ll see a nipple!” while another was more tame, writing “Your such a natural tease Liz, 👸🏻😈❤️it’s an inherent part of your charm!✨”

One person wrote “Hottest over 50 on the planet!!!” Well, she’s got close competition with Salma Hayek.The 51-year-old actress was flaunting her amazing curves in a series of bikinis while in Bora Bora on vacation last week. And 52-year-old Halle Berry is rocking her best body ever thanks to intense workouts and a strict keto diet. All of these stunners look at least half their age and give us all inspiration about growing older and still looking amazing.

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