Elizabeth Hurley Flaunts Amazing Cleavage At Early Thanksgiving Dinner With US Ambassador

Leave it to Elizabeth Hurley to make attending Thanksgiving dinner an extra sexy occasion. She wore a plunging black dress to flaunt her cleavage while dining in London with the U.S. Ambassador

Usually Thanksgiving dinner is a time where people wear comfy sweaters to stuff themselves silly with turkey. But not for Elizabeth Hurley! The 53-year-old wore a super plunging black evening gown to attend a special Thanksgiving dinner in London that was hosted by U.S. ambassador to Britain Woody Johnson. Liz always knows how to turn heads and the dinner was treated as if she was heading to a red carpet. She went braless in a black gown that was cut all the way down to her waistline, flaunting cleavage that completely defies time. This woman is 53-years-old and her bust just as pert and perfect as she was in her 20’s!

The gown had a black string rising up between her breasts from her waist that tied to a string around her neckline. We hope she was wearing double-sided tape because that was one hell of a deep V neck. She’s inches away from a nip slip with the amount of skin she was showing!

No doubt her American hosts were thrilled that Liz dressed to the nines and as sexy as humanly possible. The stunning Brit captioned a series of three pics, “Thanksgiving Dinner given by US Ambassador Woody Johnson and his gorgeous wife Suzanne at the heavenly Winfield House (that’s Barbara Hutton in the portrait who sold Winfield House to the American government for $1 after WW2),” referring to the painting of a woman behind her. Winfield House has been the home of the U.S. Ambassador since 1955.

Fans were in awe of her body and amazing dress. One person commented “How is the ambassador’s eyesight?” wondering if he’d been blinded by her stunning body. Another snarked “Love that dress you’re almost wearing.” Meanwhile another fan told her that she’s got the “Best boobs in the business.“

The British don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as it’s a distinctly American holiday. This year it falls early, on Nov. 22 so likely the Ambassador would like to be back in the states with his family for the occasion. But it’s sweet that he’d want to treat his staff and celebrity friends that he’s made while living in London with a Thanksgiving dinner just a week ahead of when Americans celebrate it. Hope you liked the turkey Liz! From the smile on the face on her pic alongside Woody, he definitely enjoyed your company…as well as the dress!

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