Eminem Breaks Silence on Nicki Minaj Dating Rumors

Meanwhile, Nicki recently took to her Twitter account to open up about her relationships and share love advices with her fans.

Eminem has finally broken his silence regarding rumors of him dating Nicki Minaj that run rampage on the internet. The Detroit rapper addressed the rumor during his performance at Boston Calling on Sunday, May 27.

The rapper didn’t deny or confirm the rumors. He gave a shoutout to the “Anaconda” raptress before joking, “Baby I’ll be home tonight.” He’s referencing to Nicki’s comment on Instagram that read, “babe I thought we were gonna keep it on the low til the wedding. Yikes. I’ll talk to you when I get home.”

After making the crowd scream, Em continued, “Boston, how many of you want me to date Nicki Minaj?” Marshall went on saying, “Well, god dammit, me too. Nicki, if you get this message, just text me later, we’ll talk about it.”

Rumors of Em dating Nicki first started when the latter shared a video of her rapping to her lines in her new song “Big Bank” featuring YG, 2 Chainz and Big Sean. The lyrics had “Em” on them, prompting a fan to ask her if she’s dating the “River” spitter.

The Young Money femcee seemingly joked around as she replied, “yes,” to the fan. Nicki and Em further confused fans after Em joined in and commented, “girl you know it’s true.”

Her dating rumors aside, Nicki recently took to her Twitter account to open up about her relationships and share love advices with her fans. “#Queen, know your worth. I’ve been proposed to 3 times; asked by 4 boyfriends to have their child. Being emotionally, mentally, or physically abused just to crack a fake smile on the gram & show off a ring is not happiness. Being cheated on, humiliated, belittled… for the gram?” the “Chun-Li” rapper tweeted.

She continued in a separate tweet, “#Queen, know your worth. You were a Queen before him. You’ll be a Queen after him. He can’t make or break you. Being equally yoked is what you should strive for. Spirituality is key. Once your spirit can soar on its own, then you are ready to ‘allow’ him the privilege of ur time.”

The Barbadian beauty also implied that she used to have men treating “you like dog shit because they’re famous or have money,” adding, “Arguing w|other women while defending your abuser is the new era.” She went on tweeting, “New boy asked if I could have his baby in a year & a half. On God I said: ‘ain’t pushin out his babies til he buy da rock’. Then I busted out laughing. He said: ‘I’ll put a ring on it. I’ll do anything it takes’. Yet all I could think of his how much I love my new found freedom.”

Nicki didn’t specifically name who she is talking about, but she previously dated Nas and Meek Mill.

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