Eminem Slammed For Using Realistic Gunshot Noises At Bonnaroo As Fans Are ‘Traumatized’

Yikes. Eminem came under fire for terrifying festival-goers by using hyper-realistic gunshot sound effects during his Bonnaroo set.

Eminem, 45, chose the wrong sound effects for his headlining performance at Bonnaroo on June 9. The rapper is being criticized by frightened and upset fans who watched the live set, and were shocked to hear realistic gunshot noises during the show. Many festival-goers screamed and ducked as a series of loud blasts echoed through the audience while Eminem performed his song “Kill You” from his 2000 album, The Marshall Mathers LP.

The sound effects were particularly tone-deaf considering that concert-goers are already on edge following the horrific mass shooting at the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas last October. We also just recently passed the anniversary of the deadly May 2017 Manchester Arena attack that took place during an Ariana Grande concert at the British venue.

Fans who were traumatized by the realistic gunshot sound effects at the festival in Manchester, Tennessee, immediately flocked to Twitter to voice their concern and horrified reactions. Twitter user @sandwahhh documented how she felt, and how the crowd responded to the noises in a tweet that said: “i was having a good time at eminem’s set then he played a realistic gunshot noise. the whole crowd ducked and i’ve never felt more traumatized and ready to panic. completely inappropriate.”

Other fans tried to jump to the 15-time Grammy winner‘s defense by claiming he’s used gunshot sound effects in previous live performances. However @sandwahhh explained why that’s irrelevant to this particular incident. The fan tweeted: “doesn’t matter if eminem has had gun shot effects in the past, the crowd was actually scared and shaken up because of how actually realistic it is.” Sure, the song came out in the early 2000s and featured gunshot noises, but as an artist, Eminem should have considered the current political climate in which he was playing these sounds. Context matters, folks.

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