Eoin Macken & David Ajala: ‘Nightflyers’ Will Have ‘Plot Twists, Surprises & Executions’ Like ‘GoT’

George R.R. Martin’s novella is coming to life. HL spoke with Eoin Macken and David Ajala to get the EXCLUSIVE scoop on their new show ‘Nightflyers’ and all the horror, mystery, and thrill that comes with it!

Nightflyers is making its highly-anticipated debut on Dec. 2. Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin’s hit novella is getting the TV treatment, and it’s one of the most exciting thrillers of 2018. Eoin Macken and David Ajala play Karl D’Branin and Roy Eris. The show follows a group of scientists who embark on a journey aboard The Nightflyer in hopes of making contact with alien life at the edge of our solar system. Throughout their journey, terrifying events start to occur, and this mission quickly becomes a game of survival.

“In the same vein of Game of Thrones, there will be a lot of plot twists, surprises, and executions,” David says in our EXCLUSIVE video interview from NYCC. “Literally, you don’t know what’s going to happen. So when you do get your new episodes, you’re just flicking through the pages to make sure your character is still alive.”

Not knowing the fates of characters is something Eoin thinks is important for a show like Nightflyers. “I think that’s actually very important, especially in the science fiction world that has these kind of horror elements to it, that you don’t kind of know what’s going to happen because it kind of keeps you on your toes,” Eoin notes. “I think it’s the same for the actors as it is for anybody watching the show.”

The show is based on a novella, but David reveals that the world of Nightflyers will be expanded beyond the novella. He says that “a lot of stuff has been invented, hopefully to elevate the novella. Jeff Buhler, our showrunner, I think he’s done a really, really good job of amping up the horror, the thrill, and the mystery.”

While the spaceship is huge, the claustrophobia will creep in amongst the crew. “It is very intimate,” David notes. “You’re literally breathing each other’s air. But I think it adds to the intensity of the drama and the thrill.” Eoin adds that there’s a “suffocating nature to it” and teases that this “creates a lot of very, very interesting relationships that kind of develop in a way that you wouldn’t expect, but also puts an awful lot of pressure on anything the further and deeper you go into space.”

Nightflyers also stars Gretchen MolJodie Turner-Smith, Angus SampsonMaya Eshet, Sam Strike, and Brian F. O’Byrne. All 10 episodes of Nightflyers will be debuting across all SYFY platforms timed to the beginning of the linear telecast starting Dec. 2. Episodes 1-5 will debut Dec. 2 through Dec. 6 at 10 p.m., and episodes 6-10 on Dec. 9 through Dec. 13 with limited commercial interruption across all platforms.

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